Monday, August 23, 2010

Photos: (1) Campsite at Höfn; (2-5) Scenes of and around Höfn

It’s extremely dark and dreary this morning in Neskaupstaður, pouring rain, thick dark fog. A jogger runs by my window dressed in GoreTex at 6am, and half an hour later the same guy comes by again walking briskly with Nordic walking sticks. I’m decked out in full rain gear at 7am as I wait for the bus, which arrives 15 minutes early but waits until regular departure time. For some reason I just can’t keep my eyes open as we’re driving, they’re so heavy and I give in and doze the entire way to Egilsstaðir. There’s not much to see anyway but clouds and rain.

It’s pouring had in Egilsstaðir and I have four hours to kill until the bus to Höfn arrives. I end up waiting mostly at the info center where it’s at least warm and dry. The driver is a young guy from Djúpivogur and we chat a bit during the trip. As usual I have a seat directly behind the bus driver, which offers me the best view, both out the front of the windshield and the side windows. Two people are let off somewhere along the road to hike and soon we arrive in Höfn, just as the rain lets up.

In Höfn I check room prices but really need to save a bit of money, so I decide to camp. It’s one of the most expensive campsites I’ve encountered at ISK 1000, and it costs to take a shower as well, though just a token fee of 50 ISK for 2 minutes. I set up camp and head straight to the outdoor swimming pool. It’s a nice modern pool with slides and a steambath, but no sauna. At ISK 450 it’s one of the more expensive pools I’ve encountered as well, but certainly ok for the modern facilities it has to offer.

Afterwards I race back to the tent to get a bite to eat before it gets dark. It’s getting dark so early now and as I write this at 9:45 pm I need my headlamp to illuminate the pages. It’s 11° and the weather is dry to far; I hope it holds since I would like to stay a day and have a closer look at the town. The mountains here are quite beautiful and unusual looking, and the glaciers in the distance make an interesting skyline.