Sunday, August 22, 2010


Photos: (1) The beach; (2-3) Moss, flowers & cottongrass; (3) A great view

There’s a strong wind at night and the flags flapping on the flagpole outside my window often wake me. But the wind seems to have blown the clouds away and today is a beautiful morning, and at 7am the sun is shining through my window in my face. I’m outside by 9 and take a long walk to the park at the end of the road just outside of town. There are marked trails, picturesque cliffs and rocky beaches, colorful flowers and moss, and lots of birds. I spend a lot of time outside there, napping in the sun a few times and just lying around enjoying the view.

After a bit of lunch and a short rest back at the room, I go to the museum, Safnahúsið. There are three museums in one and appropriately three old guys sitting around waiting for visitors to come, and they are thrilled when I arrive and spend a long time looking at everything. There is a lot of love put into the museum, and it’s well worth the price (ISK 550). The first floor contains paintings by a local artist, and the second floor has a maritime exhibition. I spend most of the time on the third floor in the museum of natural history looking at rocks and reading about the flora and fauna. Sometimes I think it’s strange how I can like rocks so much – maybe I should have pursued something in that field as a career.

Afterwards I walk way out the other side of town towards the industrial harbor in the shining sun. Back at the room, there are workmen replacing the front door. They speak no English, so I manage to speak enough Icelandic to ask if I need a new door key, and I do. After a quick bite to eat, I head back to the pool again.

It was a wonderful day. I’m so thankful to have seen a bit of sun today, I was beginning to forget what it looks like. But in the evening, the clouds roll in thicker than ever, bringing rain again. I’m ready to move on…