Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grindavík --> Reykjavík

Photos: Reykjavík (1) view from Perlan, (2) view from Hallgrímskirkja

The weather is dreary but dry until we get our tents packed up and then it starts pouring. It was our last night of camping, so I throw away my ultralight groundsheet that never lasts more than one trip (I use an emergency blanket cut to size). I give the rest of our fresh vegetables to some fellow campers and we put out a couple disposable grills and some gas for anyone to take. The rain keeps coming down as we drive to Reykjavík and first stop at a larger 66° store so Ernesto can add to his clothing collection. In the store, I realize how grubby I am. I’ve been wearing the same pants for two weeks and although I always washed my shirts out by hand, clean is an entirely different story. This wouldn’t bother me at all out in the wilderness, but here I feel strangely out of place and while Ernesto is still trying on clothes, I return to the car and dig out my clean blue jeans that I only wear in the city. This is all part of the slow but necessary process of adjusting to reality as opposed to living a dream.