Friday, July 3, 2009

Picking up supplies

Photos: (1) Eystri-Sólheimar;(2) Beach at Vík; (3) Reynisdrangar

We get on the 8:30 bus headed towards Vík. I tell the bus driver in Icelandic that we’d like to get off at Eystri-Sólheimar, and promptly begin to explain where that is, but he interrupts me and says he knows where that is. He grew up in that area, just around Pétursey. I doze a bit in the bus, and virtually ignore the obligatory stops at Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, since I already know both waterfalls like the back of my hand. It’s 18°C (65°F), sunny and warm with no wind as the bus deposits us at the long driveway heading to Eystri-Sólheimar where my friend Sigrún is running her little guesthouse for the summer. We sent her some boxes from Germany filled with our backpacking food and other supplies that we needed to collect before our hike begins. We have lunch outside on the deck before we unpack our boxes of supplies and divide them into the proper bags for the hike. There’s some time left in the afternoon, so we drive to Vík for Sigrún and get her some groceries and take a walk on the black sandy beach. The weather is perfect, absolutely no wind, which is unusual for the south coast. On our way home, we stop at Reynisdrangar as well to see the basalt cave. Dinner of lamb and potato salad is waiting for us, along with a glass of the wine we brought from the Duty Free store. The guesthouse is not fully booked tonight, so we can sleep indoors one last time.