Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ísafjörður -–> Hólmavík/Drangnes

Photos: (1) Hjörgshlíðarlaug; (2-3) Fjord scenes; (4) Hólmavík; (5-6) The road to Drangsnes; (7) Drangsnes docks; (8) Hotpots at Drangsnes

The weather is dry this morning, and the clouds are much thinner than yesterday, offering a better view of Ísafjörður before we leave. It’s time to continue our journey to Hólmavík. The sky is interesting along the way and good for picture-taking. A mixture of dreary clouds and blue patches in the sky with sun makes for unique lighting conditions.

I want to call for a room on Hólmavík but my phone doesn’t have service most of the way. When we stop for lunch at a roadside picnic table, the phone is barely working so I make a few phone calls. The guesthouse in Hólmavík is full, so I call the number on a flyer I picked up and we’re in luck. We’ve got a little studio apartment named “Sunna” in Drangnes. With no worries now about accommodation, we continue the drive.

There’s a hotpot we want to check out called Hjörgshlíðarlaug. There’s no one in the pool when we arrive, it looks great, perched right on the ocean again, but the water is quite cold and certainly not very inviting.

In Hólmavík, we first visit the Museum of Sorcery. I made an attempt to get to this museum in 2006, but bad roads and weather changed my plans, so I’m glad to finally see it. It’s quite interesting if you take the time to listen to the MP3 or read the brochure that explains each exhibit. Afterwards we have coffee at café Riis and then head on to find our apartment.

The road to Drangsnes is beautiful, and the sun peeks out behind dark clouds for spectacular views. Our guesthouse is up on the hill a bit, and the key is right where the lady said it would be. The apartment is great, with a small kitchen and lots of windows, making it bright and cozy. After unpacking our things, we head straight for the hotpot, which is a 10-minute walk from the room. Again, we’re alone at this amazing spot and we swim for nearly two hours, sipping on beer. Ernesto even jumps in the ocean a few times to cool off. There are two hotpots and, according to my book, one “fish tub”. In any case, the water was a bit cooler in the fish tub, so we stayed in the hotter pots anyway. After the swim, Ernesto whips up a great dinner of lamb, potatoes and salad (surprise!). We spend a lazy evening in the room reading, although the weather is dry but cloudy.