Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goodbyes, then back to Eystri-Sólheimar

I’m up at 7:00 despite not getting to bed until 1 am, so I take a short walk to mail some postcards and buy some orange juice. Later I leave my backpack at the guesthouse and walk with Henning to the bus station, where we have some breakfast. Today he’s returning to Germany and I’ll have a few days alone before the second part of my adventure begins …

After making sure Henning gets on the right bus, I wait outside the bus station for a ride – I have a lunch date. Ómar, a penfriend who I’ve been writing to for about a year now, picks me up and we drive to Café Loki near the trademark church. The café opened about two years ago and it’s one of my favorites, not only because of the great windows offering a nice view of the church and all the people walking by, but mainly because of the traditional Icelandic food that they serve. The kjötsupa is my favorite, so that’s what we both have – this time without the homemade rye bread that also tastes great. But soon it’s time for me to head back to BSÍ to catch the late bus to Eystri-Sólheimar to pick up some things I left there.

I arrive late in the evening, but Sigrún kept the dinner of fish soup waiting for me. It feels good to be “home”. The weather is mild and there’s no wind, which is perfect since I’ll be sleeping in the tent for the next two nights. The guesthouse is fully booked, like it is most of July and August. Here I can finally wash my clothes properly, check emails and slowly adjust to civilization.