Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(Photos: construction work at Hallgrímskirkja, runestone in the old cemetary)

I spend 2 nights in Reykjavík at my favorite guesthouse near the bus station. One day, I hang out with my penpal Björg from Akureyri, who lives in Reykjavík. Together we shop, sit in cafes, have dinner and even go on the “Haunted Walks” tour, which introduces me to the old Reykjavík cemetery. I spend an afternoon walking around there and even discover an old stone with runic inscriptions. I always enjoy spending a day or two in Reykjavík at the end of my trips just to readjust to city life and mentally prepare for returning to my old life.

As I sit at BSÍ waiting for the Flybus to the airport, eating French fries with that tasty cocktail sauce, I’m thinking about the upcoming climax to this unforgettable Iceland trip. Tomorrow I will see Sigur Rós live in concert in Berlin...