Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'll be back

Yesterday I visited the rabbits again (and did some quality sledding). Here's Kári, the male, at a whopping 4 kg and very cuddly.

That's all for now folks, I'm off to Reykjavík and will return to my beloved Westfjords soon.

Next trips:
April 7 - May 2, 2016
June 17 - July 31

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Green, pink, blue, orange, white

Two nights ago there was a short but intense display of Northern Lights. I was able to capture this one picture before they disappeared. 

Otherwise I’ve been enjoying the weekend. The weather has been fantastic – cold and wintry but with no wind and clear skies.
 The mornings are pink and purple, the afternoons orange and the evenings a deep blue.

 Yesterday Angela and I decided to hike up into the sun, which is becoming a bit of a tradition this time of the year (see blog entry from January 11, 2015). Unfortunately we didn’t have our sleds so the trip down wasn’t nearly as much fun as it could have been.

So today we grabbed our sleds and headed for our usual spot behind the avalanche walls. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Of rabbits and fingers

It continues to snow throughout the night and morning but by early afternoon the skies are clearing. 

After work I grab my sled and head to the bus stop, where Peter and Angela pick me up for the short drive to their home away from home, Selabol in Önundarfjörður. As we exit the tunnel the sky is fairly black and visibility poor. The mountains on the other side of the fjord have disappeared.  

We only have about an hour of twilight left as we trudge up the mountain for the first run. The snow is deeper than expected but with every step, the sky begins to clear. After a few tries, we find the perfect spot and the sledding is first class. 

It’s so fun to roll around and play in the snow, and then to stop every once in a while, enjoy the view and listen to the silence. The sky clears so well that it gives us some extra daylight. The town of Flateyri becomes visible off in the distance, and the sliver moon peeks out from behind the clouds.

For a minute I just lie in the snow and look at the stars and it reminds me of my childhood and the long hours I’d spend outside in the winter. Here it’s ok to be a child again. There’s no one around to witness it. 

But darkness is approaching fast and our stomachs are rumbling. We’ve certainly burned some good calories trudging up and down these hills. So it’s back to Selaból we go, where Peter is waiting with dinner. But first, we stop by the rabbits as I’ve been eager to meet the furry little critters. 

Kári, Steina, Mósa and Krumma are fairly new additions to Selaból, and I’ve only seen their pictures so far. Angela is saying something about them biting sometimes, but I ignore her and reach my hand into the cage to rub the furry little faces. One of them starts nibbling on my finger and Angela keeps saying, watch out she bites. Yeah right, it’s just a little love nibble. 

Ouch! Hey! Let go of that! Give me my finger back! Sweet little Mósa turns into the evil rabbit from hell as she firmly chomps down on my pinky. I swear her fang goes straight to the bone, it bleeds and hurts like crazy. 

Well, I admit my fingers do look a bit like these sad little Icelandic carrots, and it is dinnertime for all of us.   

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


We’re finally getting some snow and with the strong winds you could safely call it a snowstorm. At lunchtime I go out for a few quick pictures. The weather is too wicked to stay out for long. The wind whips ice pellets into my face and I can hardly see. 

In the evening I go out for another walk and take my ski googles to be on the safe side. It’s stopped snowing for now and the sky has some clear patches, but a black cloud hovers over the ocean and the north winds are steadily blowing a new load of snow towards town.

 I start walking north, into the blackness, because I am crazy and love this kind of stuff. I don my goggles as the wind picks up and then the snow lets loose. I slip and slide and land on my butt a few times. The layer of snow is deceiving because underneath is solid ice from the thaw of the laws few days. 

I can’t stay out long, so I head home and later take a dip in the pool, with a brief visit to the sauna as well. That’s about the best thing to do on a day like this.